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If you like to have fun, if you like to get together with friends, colleagues, family, your golf buddies, your salsa group, the gym-heroes, the school mums and dads or former students… whoever it is!! then come and visit us!

We have prepared so many options for you that we are sure you will love; entertaining, educational, inspiring proposals, but above all, FUN !

Come and have a blast with us, where the excuse is always wine.
We will have fun in a natural environment, surrounded by vineyards and mountains, activities designed by and for you to learn about wine and the world that surrounds it in the most enjoyable and fun way.

Choose from any of our 3 scheduled activities that you can find below or contact us for any personalized à la carte proposals for groups.



A big hug from the entire Casa Balaguer team.

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Visit Casa Balaguer

Discover Casa Balaguer, learn about our history, the winery, our farm and, of course, our wines.

Casa Balaguer Experience

Take a stroll among our vines and experience first-hand the secrets for our land and biodynamic viticulture. Visit our small farm, the winemaking and refining room and, of course, taste all our most iconic wines. In short, this is the total experience if you want to get to know Casa Balaguer in depth.

Design your own experience

If you want to organise your own tailor-made experience, don't hesitate to contact us. We can arrange bespoke biking, hiking or even climbing trips that combine outdoor activities with a visit to the winery. Whatever you fancy doing, we can help organise it.

All our organic wines are certified by the Organic Agriculture Committee of Valencia.