Organic Agriculture

There is nothing more important in life than your health. That is why we are 100% organic producers meaning that you can enjoy wines free from harmful chemical substances. 



We know you care about your planet and your environment. All the materials used to wrap and package our wines are sourced from sustainable forests meaning you can enjoy them with total peace of mind.


Protecting Local Varieties

Would you like your children to enjoy the same grape varieties as their grandparents? We certainly would. If you consume wines made from local, indigenous varieties you are guaranteeing their viticultural heritage for generations to come. 


The Work/Life Balance

We passionately believe that all the positive energy from the people who make wine is passed directly into the wine itself and then on to you as you drink it. At Vinessens we go out of our way to make sure that our team are always well rested and full of positive energy. 

Organic and Biodynamic Agriculture
Did you know that wine is capable of teleporting people? We want you to travel from your glass to our lands through our wines. However, this is only possible if we work in the most natural and respectful way with our origins. 
Natural Wines 
Vibrant wines from living vines.
Just fermented grape juice. Nothing added, nothing removed.

Best Sellers

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El Telar

El Vivero

Discover a little more about us. 

With this video can get to know us a little more. Find out where we are and what we do. And most importantly… why our wines are perfect for you! 

All our organic wines are certified by the Organic Agriculture Committee of Valencia.