We know that many times the world of wine seems to be from another planet… tannins, anthocyanins, type of soil, tertiary aromas, bla, bla, bla, bla, blaaaaa….

But we also know that if you discover everything in the world of wine in a fun and enjoyable way, you will be trapped forever enchanted.

Have you ever felt ashamed, annoyed, humiliated on an occasion when people were talking about wine and you were not able to participate? How does is feel when smart-ass friend orders the wine, boasting about how much they know!?

Well, now it is in your power to change all that.

Imagine that you are studying viticulture, biology, microbiology, geology, oenology, wine, cheese tasting, olive oil tasting, sommelier and much more. And that all that knowledge that you acquire, in a practical and fun way, you acquire in hundreds of places, from the living room of your house to the interior of a warehouse in a winery. Sound good right?

We want you to be part of our academy. We want you to be part of our history.

That is why we have created the VINESSENS WINE ACADEMY. It is a project that covers a new dimension in the environment of a winery. A project where you can communicate directly with all the people at the winery who spend their time making these delicious wines.

We want you to learn, to discover, to travel, to know, to live, but above all…. TO HAVE FUN!

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And how are we going to do it, you ask? Te preguntarás….

It is very easy, believe us. Just leave your details below and we will contact you. If you do not like what we have to offer, just tell us that you it is not for you and you will stop receiving any communication from us. But believe us; if you have come this far we are 100% sure that you are going to love it.

Remember, if you like wine, nature, animals, traveling, discovering and, above all, learning, this is the place for you. And of course, ALWAYS in a fun and entertaining way

We want you to be part of our academy. We want you to be part of VINESSENS.

A big hug from the entire Vinessens team.