The Seductive Powers of Natural Wines.

Feel the magic and seductive power of natural wines. In them you will find the purest and most sincere expression of an origin. Travel to the essence of a landscape. Get to know its climate, its soils, its culture, even its people. And all this, through a sip of wine. Now that is magical?

Immerse yourself in a world, from which you have no escape. When you enter the world of natural wines, wines made with nothing but fermented grape juice, no additives and no makeup, you won’t want to escape. There is no way back. We can tell you from experience.

The lasting memory of these wines is not stored in the mind, but in the heart.

And most important of all, they are wines that taste good.They feel good to your body and they feel good to your soul. Made in the most respectful and sustainable way with the environment and with the people who make it possible for you to enjoy a glass.

We invite you to be part of this project and to enter this fascinating world, hand in hand with our range of FINCA CASA BALAGUER wines.


Local varieties

We only work with local varieties, Monastrell, Garnacha, Rojal, Tortosina, Moscatel and Malvasía, without the addition of anything other than fermented grape juice.


Free from sulfites

We vinify without adding any sulphur in the process and of course we do not clarify or filter our wines.


Organic and biodynamic agriculture

We have 20 hectares of vines grown organically and biodynamically in Villena at around 600m above sea level and in the Natural Park of Lagunas de La Mata which is located right by the sea

Our first steps, with natural wines

It all started in 2008 in the heart of Bordeaux at the prestigious St. Emilion estate when the owner of a quint bar suggested that we try an odd looking wine made by a local friend.

That turbid, hazy liquid was so different from everything we had tasted during our time in France that it sent shockwaves through our bodies and souls.

We asked the owner of the bar what is was and he casually replied “C’est du Vin Naturel, bien sûr”

We then returned to Spain to start our own project as winemakers but the memory of that strange, exhilarating taste lived on within us.

Years passed and the seed planted by that captivating natural wine in St Emilion began to grow. We could resist no longer. We began to make our very own natural wines. That seed has now blossomed into a personal project dedicated to producing stripped-back, honest wines that truthfully express our countryside, heritage and people. Vibrant wines from living vines.

We have 20 hectares of organically and biodynamically farmed vines. Half the vines are found surrounding the town of Villena at over 600 meters above sea level and the other half in the Natural Park of La Mata right on the Mediterranean coast.

We have embarked on a project making unique wines in which we can express our land, stories and people in the most honest way.


Vibrant wines from living vines.

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All our organic wines are certified by the Organic Agriculture Committee of Valencia.